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Mekka Traffic

Mekka Traffic is a leading public transport operator in Sweden.

mekka traffic logo
Fund: Cube II
Sector: Transport & Mobility
Location: Sweden
Investment Date: December, 2017
Status: Current

The company was founded in 1975 and has grown through contract wins and several complementary add-on acquisitions to become a major public transport operator in Sweden. It operates a large fleet of buses (including biogas and electric buses) and trams. The main activity of Mekka Traffic is the provision of public bus transport services to local authorities under long-term, availability-based contracts with indexation mechanisms. Mekka Traffic is also involved in the provision of tram services for the city of Stockholm.

In 2022, Swedish public transport authorities launched a “new start” policy framework for public transport aiming for 40% of all motorized trips in the country to be made via public transport by 2030 vs. 28% in 2023. Mekka Traffic is well-positioned to benefit from these favourable market dynamics and is already at the forefront of public transport electrification by being the first operator to run electric vehicles in regional traffic in Sweden.

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