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Pioneering European essential infrastructure

Cube is an independent infrastructure investment manager joining deep sector knowledge with operational and financial expertise.

Since inception in 2007, we have leveraged our operational and financial capabilities to pioneer and transform essential infrastructure assets across Europe, in sectors such as energy transition, telecoms & digital, transport, environment and EV charging.

We deliver essential infrastructure assets to local communities, driving significant growth across our portfolio.

We create value through a unique buy and grow strategy, active asset management and an integrated ESG approach.


investments made since inception across Europe

We will continue to invest in profitable and responsible investment opportunities with strong growth potential.


of capital raised across 4 funds:

  • Cube Infrastructure Funds I, II, III – our diversified flagship funds investing in brownfield infrastructure.
  • Connecting Europe Broadband Fund – our specialized fund investing in greenfield fiber broadband projects.

As a mid-market infrastructure investor, we capitalize on our highly developed network to identify sectors which require significant investment and operational capability to deliver high-quality infrastructure assets. We invest in under-the-radar companies and empower local management teams to drive significant growth across our portfolio and create real value for investors and stakeholders.

By proactively and consistently analyzing market trends, we continue to identify and invest in new high-growth sectors within European infrastructure that require support in terms of both capital and operational capability – something that we are uniquely positioned to provide.

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Energy Transition icon

Energy Transition

The Opportunity

Investing in the energy transition is essential in achieving a net-zero future while ensuring long-term energy security for local populations.

The EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 – an objective at the heart of the European Green Deal and in line with the EU’s commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement.

The energy transition goes beyond renewables and has become an all-pervasive investment theme across infrastructure sectors. With heating representing c.80% of energy consumption in European households, efficient and decarbonized district heating networks represent a unique opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs and increase resilience for local communities.

Track Record

Since inception, we have placed the energy transition at the core of our investment strategy.

We are active investors across both the energy demand and supply sides, driving energy-efficiency and decarbonization from both ends with investments in district heating networks, renewables (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal) and energy-from-waste.

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Telecoms & Digital icon

Telecoms & Digital

The Opportunity

High-quality telecommunications infrastructure is essential for local economic development and social inclusion.

The digitalization of our societies and economy is leading to an exponential increase of data transmission and storage. This requires upgrading and scaling of telecom infrastructure assets including fiber broadband and datacenters.

The European Commission’s Digital Decade policy aims to connect all European households to a Gigabit network by 2030 as well as achieve 5G coverage for all populated areas. Achieving these targets calls for significant investment into telecom infrastructure operators to consolidate, grow and transform existing assets.

Track Record

We have been pioneering fiber broadband investing since 2008 with numerous investments made across our flagship funds and our Connecting Europe Broadband Fund.

We are also an active investor in datacenters (Firstcolo, GleSYS) and were an early entrant in the Internet of Things (IoT) with our investment in Heliot, a key player within the European IoT ecosystem.


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Transport & Mobility Icon

Transport & Mobility

The Opportunity

Growing levels of urbanization and environmental targets are driving the need for clean and reliable transport and mobility solutions.

The development of efficient and sustainable mobility solutions and supply chains is essential to serve local populations and requires significant investment and operational capability.

The decarbonization of transportation is key to accelerate governments’ ecological transition plans. This drives the need for public transport and transport logistics operators to rapidly upgrade their existing infrastructure and vehicle fleets.


Track Record

We have been a frontrunner in public transport investing since 2010 and an early entrant in temperature-controlled logistics.

We partner with local authorities across Europe and support them in providing clean and reliable mobility solutions to their local communities.

In the temperature-controlled transport logistics sector, our portfolio companies provide the backbone for supply chains of essential goods such as food and healthcare products.

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environment icon


The Opportunity

Investing in high-quality waste management is essential to achieve resource efficiency and a circular economy.

The EU aims to recycle a minimum of 65% of all municipal waste by 2035 and this will require increased investment in the waste management industry.

Large traditional waste management players are withdrawing from municipal waste to focus on commercial activities, leaving a gap in the market and an opportunity for smaller independent operators to grow. In addition, there is an acute need for fleet electrification within the industry as part of EU-wide decarbonization goals.

Track Record

We invest in companies at the forefront of the waste industry.

Our investments in the sector include market-leading waste management players in France and the Nordics that benefit from long-term contractual relationships with local authorities.

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EV charging icon

EV Charging

The Opportunity

Charging infrastructure for eletric vehicles is essential for the decarbonization of the transport sector.

Under EU law, all new cars and vans registered in Europe will need to be zero-emission by 2035. As electric vehicles (EVs) become mainstream, local authorities need to ramp up investments in charging networks to deliver sufficient capacity.



Track Record

We have been an early entrant in the EV charging space and have made several acquisitions since 2019.

We have identified EV charging early on as new essential infrastructure at the intersection of our traditional investment focus areas of energy transition, mobility and digital infrastructure.

Our portfolio includes leading EV charging infrastructure operators in the UK, France and the Nordics.

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