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IslaLink is a neutral, independent telecom infrastructure provider of fiber optic submarine cables.

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Fund: Cube I
Sector: Telecoms & Digital
Location: Spain
Investment Date: July, 2008
Divestment Date: November, 2014
Status: Divested

Upon Cube’s entry, the company owned and operated a submarine cable linking Spain to the Balearic Islands as the sole provider of data transmission capacity for alternative telecom operators on that route. Under Cube’s stewardship, IslaLink grew its business significantly with the roll-out of a cable between mainland Spain and the Canary Islands and project management assistance to Algeria Telecom for the roll-out of a cable between France (Marseille), Spain (Valencia) and Algeria (Oran). Upon exit, IslaLink had been positioned as a credible partner to connect Latin America to the Iberian Peninsula via an agreement with Brazilian state-owned telecommunications provider, Telebras.

Cube successfully sold its stake in IslaLink to EQT in 2014.

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