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RPIPE is an independent power producer, headquartered in Madrid.

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Fund: Cube I
Sector: Energy Transition
Location: Spain and Portugal
Investment Date: June, 2011
Divestment Date: December, 2021
Status: Divested

The company owns and operates thirteen Spanish and seven Portuguese hydro power plants (“HPP”) together with a minority stake in three other Spanish HPPs.

The company has been successful in extending the terms of a number of concessions as and when they have come to maturity. The company has also developed in-house a 6 MW wind farm project in Spain which became fully operational in 2019. RPIPE’s asset portfolio is broadly diversified across various climatic regions, rivers, basins, plant characteristics and regulatory environments (Portugal and Spain).

Cube sold its stake in RPIPE to a consortium led by White Summit Capital in December 2021.

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