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Saur is a leading water management company based in France.

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Fund: Cube I
Sector: Environment
Location: France
Investment Date: October, 2008
Divestment Date: October, 2013
Status: Divested

Founded in 1933, the Saur Group is the third largest player in the French water distribution and waste water management market. At the time of acquisition, Saur had a strong market footprint in the French rural and coastal areas, managing approximately 5,700 water contracts and serving 5.5 million consumers on behalf of over 6,700 local authorities. In addition, Saur enjoyed market support from public authorities willing to establish a third player as an alternative to a historical duopoly formed by Veolia and Suez. In 2011, the group served 12 million consumers in more than 10,000 municipalities.

Cube exited Saur in 2013.

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